Mike Wazowski

“What can I say? The camera loves me!”

Role: Damage, Position: Back, Team: Yellow


If you’re not sure what the specific stats (such as normal damage) or their colors mean, learn about it on the Hero Stats Explained page.



Sonic Belch

Mike eats his microphone and then belches, doing 142x + 1sp damage to all enemies.

Fantastic damage

Canister Toss

Mike throws a scream canister at the closest enemy, scaring them and all nearby enemies for 8 seconds. Attacks that do Fantastic damage always crit against Scared enemies.

The Scare has a chance fail against enemies above level <level>.

Splash: 200, Scare, Cooldown: 12, Initial Cooldown: 2.5

On A Roll

Mike rolls across the battlefield dealing 50x + 0.35sp damage to all enemies.

Fantastic damage, Cooldown: 15, Initial Cooldown: 3

Fight or Fright

When Mike damages a scared enemy, he also stuns them for 3 seconds.

The stun has a chance to fail against enemies above level <level>.





Mike is strong against




Mike is weak against

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