Listen. For a thousand years, I’ve only been thinking about keepin’ this hair silky, getting my hook, and being awesome, again.”
Role: Tank, Position: Front, Team: Yellow


If you’re not sure what the specific stats (such as normal damage) or their colors mean, learn about it on the Hero Stats Explained page.


Shark Bite

When enemies within melee range of Maui have less than 300x + 2sp HP, he transforms into a shark and bites them, dealing 300x + 2sp true damage.

Maui won't use this skill until he can KO an enemy. True damage ignores armor and reality.

True damage

Take Flight

Maui turns into a hawk and sends gusts of wind at enemies. The two closest enemies are dealt 75x + 0.5sp damage and knocked back.

Normal damage, Knockback: 600, Cooldown: 10, Initial Cooldown: 2.5

Psych Up

Maui does a motivational dance at the start of combat to grant his allies Courage. Courage increases energy gained from taking damage by 80%. Courage remains active on allies until they use their active.

This effect is reduced on allies above level <level>.

Applied to allies


Courage from Psych Up also reduces normal damage taken by 25%.

This effect is reduced against enemies above level <level>.


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