Dash is extremely high risk, high reward. He has the ability to one shot some heroes but is not consistent and is almost a guarantee to die at the beginning of a fight. His recommended usage is in really fast burst teams, or in a team that gets benefits from a teammate dying – like with Jack Sparrow or Calhoun.

If you’re not sure what the specific stats (such as normal damage) or their colors mean, learn about it on the Hero Stats Explained page.



Swift Strike

Dash runs across the screen punching enemies up to 7 times. Each punch does 75x + 0.5sp damage.

Normal damage

Getting Punchy

Dash dashes to a random target and punches them 6 times, dealing 75x + 0.5sp damage with each punch.

Normal damage, Cooldown: 10, Initial Cooldown: 2.5

Rapid Guard

Dash uses his lightning fast speed to intercept a projectile that is about to hit an ally. Dash ignores the first 150x + 1sp damage from every projectile he intercepts.

Applied to allies, Cooldown: 12, Initial Cooldown: 3

Confidence Boost

Dash gains 35 energy every time he damages an enemy of level <level> or lower.

The effect is reduced against enemies above level <level>.





Dash is strong against



Dash is weak against

Good Teammates