Hero Stats Explained

Hero Overview


Hero Level

Use your heroes in combat or give them XP drinks to fill their XP bar. Every time their XP bar fills up they gain a new level.

Hero Rank

Collect Badges from the Normal Campaign to fill your heroes 6 badge slots. Once full, promote your hero to a new rank (color) to increase their core stats.

Hero Stars

Collect Hero Chips from the Elite Campaign. Once you have enough chips you can evolve a hero, adding another star to it. The more stars a hero has, the stronger its core stats are.

Core Stats


Basic Damage

Basic Damage is how much damage your Hero does with their Basic Attack. Basic Attacks are what Heroes do when they are not using Skills. All Basic Attacks do Normal Damage unless indicated otherwise.

Skill Power

  • Skill Power increases the damage that some, but not all, Skills do.
  • Skills displaying a blue damage number do more damage as Skill Power increases.
  • The amount of the increase varies by Skill.
  • Skills displaying an orange damage number do more damage as Basic Damage increases.
  • Skills displaying a yellow stat change as the Level of that Skill increases.

Max HP

Max HP indicates the total amount of damage a Hero can take before being KO’d.

Max Energy

All Heroes start combat with 0 Energy but can store up to 1000. Once at 1000, a Hero can use their White (Active) Skill. Heros gain energy by taking damage, making attacks and from using certain Skills.

Damage Types



There are 3 primary types of damage: Normal, Fantastic and True. Basic Attacks deal Normal Damage unless stated otherwise. Skills can deal either Normal, Fantastic or True damage; check the specific skill to find out.

Normal Damage

Normal Damage can be reduced by a target’s Armor. Normal Crit determines how frequently Physical Damage is doubled.

Fantastic Damage

Fantastic Damage can be reduced by a target’s Reality. Fantastic Crit determines how frequently Magic Damage is doubled.

True Damage

True damage ignores armor and reality, which means it will always do the amount of damage stated on the skill.

Other Stats


HP Regen

At the end of each Wave a Hero regains this amount of HP.

Energy Regen

At the end of each Wave a hero gains this amount of Energy.


Armor reduces the amount of damage a Hero takes from Normal Damage. Each point of Armor makes the Hero feel like they have 10 more HP against Normal Damage.


Reality works just like Armor, but against Fantastic Damage.

Armor Negation

Armor Negation reduces an enemy’s Armor allowing you to do more Normal Damage. Each point of Armor Negation above an enemy’s level reduces that enemy’s Armor by 1% down to 0 Armor.

Reality Negation

Realiy Negation works just like Armor Negation, but for Reality and Fantastic Damage.

Normal Crit

The Normal Crit stat increases the chance that your attacks that do Normal Damage will result in a critical strike. Each point of Normal Crit you have above an enemy’s level increases your chance of doing twice as much damage, up to 100% chance.

Fantastic Crit

Fantastic Crit works just like Normal Crit, but on attacks that do Fantastic Damage.


Tenacity reduces the length of stuns and disables a hero receives. Each point of Tenactiy above the enemy’s level reduces the length of a stun or disable by 1% down up to a max of 90% reduction.


Conservation reduces the amount of energy a hero spends when they use their White Skill.

Improved Healing

Improved Healing increases the amount of healing a hero’s skills do.


Info was found on the official forum – https://discourse.disneyheroesgame.com/