Nick Wilde

“I know everybody. And I also know that somewhere there’s a toy store missing its stuffed animals. So why don’t you just get back into your box?”
Role: Damage, Position: Back, Team: Yellow

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Lemming Rush

Nick summons a business lemming with a pawpsicle who deals 49.5x + 0.5475sp damage to all enemies. Each time Nick uses this ability, an additional lemming is summoned, up to a max of 5. Each extra lemming does 16.5x + 0.1825sp damage to all enemies.

Nick keeps his lemmings between waves of a fight.

Fantastic damage

Shuriken Pops

Nick pulls out some stashed pawpsicles and flings three of them at the closest enemies dealing 75x + 0.75sp damage with each hit.

Fantastic damage, Splash: all, Cooldown: 10, Initial Cooldown: 2.5

Charming Fox

Nick uses his skills of persuasion to charm the closest enemy to fight on his side for 7 seconds. While charmed, the target's basic attacks do 20x bonus damage.

Charm, Cooldown: 15, Initial Cooldown: 3.75

Proper Reinforcements

Nick gains 50x skill power for every ally left standing, including charmed opponents. He also gains 50x skill power for every lemming his "Lemming Rush" has accumulated.




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