Jessie is good at killing off back lines but she is a glass cannon and depends on her lifesteal to survive. She is very ineffective against heavy stun & charm teams as well as shield comps, since they prevent lifesteal.


If you’re not sure what the specific stats (such as normal damage) or their colors mean, learn about it on the Hero Stats Explained page.




Jessie leaps into the middle of the enemies and kicks them repeateadly, doing 50x + 0.33bd with each kick.

Normal damage, Splash: 500

Sonic Yodel

Jessie lets out an ear piercing yodel that damages all enemies. The yodel does at least 50x + 0.35sp. The damage increases the closer Jessie is to the enemies, up to a max of 300x + 2sp.

Fantastic damage, Cooldown: 20, Initial Cooldown: 5

Cowgirl Boogie

Jessie's cowgirl boots now heal her every time she damages an enemy. She gains 50% of damage done back as healing against targets <level> and below.

The amount of healing received from this skill is reduced against enemies who are above level <level>.

Kick up a Row

Jessie's line dancing skills allow her to dodge enemy attacks. She has a 25% chance to dodge any basic attacks or skills from enemies level <level> or below.

Jessie's chance to dodge is reduced against enemies who are above level <level>.




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