Jack Sparrow

“This is the day you will always remember as the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow.”
Role: Damage, Position: Front, Team: Yellow



If you’re not sure what the specific stats (such as normal damage) or their colors mean, learn about it on the Hero Stats Explained page.




Jack calls the Black Pearl to fire its cannons at enemies. The Pearl shoots 10cannonballs doing 45x + 0.3bd damage each.

Normal damage

Acting Dodgy

Jack dodges a melee attack and counter attacks dealing 110x + 1.5bd damage. Jack can only dodge a melee attack once every 7 seconds.

Normal damage, Splash: 50, Cooldown: 7, Initial Cooldown: 1.75

Pirate Code

When Jack's first ally is KO'd, Jack salutes his fallen comrade, gaining 200x + 1sp basic damage for the remainder of the wave. This can only be triggered once per wave.

Hearty Crew

Jack Sparrow grants his allies +15x Basic Damage.




Jack Sparrow is strong against




Jack Sparrow is weak against


Good Teammates